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Chloe Stephens brings to life a curious sloth who is determined to find where he belongs.


On his adventure he meets some weird and wonderful characters, but things aren't always as they seem. Will he be able to get home and find his family?


Share these rhymes with your children for lots of laughs and fun as they join in on sloth's adventure. 

Where Does Sloth Belong?

Published: 2020
Age Group: 2 - 8 years
Book Type: Paperback


Join Beep, a Deaf child, as she discovers the beach for the first time. 

Using Australian Sign Language to communicate, you will learn a new word on each page and even the Auslan Alphabet.

By the end, you will have talking hands too.


To purchase this outside of Australia and NZ

My Talking Hands


Published: 2021
ISBN: 978-0-6452935-1- 7
Age Group: 4 - 12 years
Book Type: Paperback

My talking hands book.jpg

This simple rhyming book, with it's inclusive illustrations, is a celebration of Australian Sign Language, helping build a connection between you and your little ones that is beyond words.

Includes signs like play, sleep finished, toilet and more.

Signs are approved by multiple members of the Deaf community.

Auslan Babies Connect


Published: 2023
ISBN: 978-0-6452935-2-4
Age Group: 0 - 5 years
Book Type: Paperback

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