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Auslan Interpreted - My Talking Hands
Auslan not ASL
Lip Reading

AU - Australian, S - Sign, LAN - Language

NOT - ASL stands for American Sign Language

When you know someone is reading your lips, do not over exaggerate your mouth. This makes it harder to read. Just talk normal and maybe slow it down a little.

Languages and Accents

Like normal languages these can vary depending where in the world you are. Even in one country you may find different accents, this is the same in sign language.

Capital D

Deaf with a Capital D refers to the community. If the word deaf is used without a capital letter, this refers to the medical reference.


Learn more and get involved

Access Plus WA Deaf

Access Plus WA Deaf has been supporting the Deaf and Hard of Hearing since 1921. Our goal is to foster a community of communication, and whether we’re providing someone NDIS support, teaching people Auslan, or running social events, we’re here for the Deaf community.

Through our 4 service arms; Access Interpreting, Access My Life, Access My NDIS, and Access My Training, we have services for all members of our community. If you would like to learn Auslan, make your workplace Deaf friendly, book an interpreter, or connect with the australian deaf society, get in touch today.

The Deaf Society

Leading provider of specialist services for deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people and their families. We want you to thrive!

West Australian Assosiation of the Deaf Inc.

WAAD organises popular events for the Deaf community, including the traditional Good Friday Picnic which is always well attended, and the annual National Week of Deaf People – a week long celebration of the Deaf community, Auslan, our culture and heritage. The information about National Week of Deaf People can be found on this website.

For other physical Auslan resources

Auslan Journey

Auslan Journey services the whole of Australia and provides many options when it comes to Auslan resources. The owner Gail, is someone I work closely with and is also an interpreter and Auslan teacher.

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