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Outdoor adventures in Perth

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful state so let me share some of the amazing places I think you should visit.

First of all there are soo many beaches that you could visit. I could tell you about all of them but I am going to share some other places that I think you may not have thought of.

1. Point Peron

Not far from Rockingham this place is beautiful. There are different areas that you can explore. Different look outs and little coastal beaches. It does get windy but you could easily spend a whole day here.

2. Kings Park glass arched bridge

There are many places to see in Kings park but this is something different. With a view to die for the kids feel a bit of risk stepping on this bridge with glass on either side. Bonus is there is a beautiful green area on the other side with little water features to see.

3. Rocky Pool

There is a decent walk through the bush to get to this beautiful feature. Beautiful rock formations and if you go at the right time of the year amazing wildflowers will be blooming. Once you finally reach your destination you can go for a swim or just sit in awe.

4. Canola fields

On the way to York there are many fields of these beautiful yellow flowers. They are tall and you could possibly loose your little ones if they are runners. Great place for hide and seek. Perfect picture opportunities and then have a picnic in York.

5. Strawberry picking in Bellbrook.

There are plenty of options in this area. It is normally around $10 a box and you go wild filling it up. Great opportunity to learn about plants and how they grow but also it can give them great fulfillment finding the biggest one. Plus you end up with strawberries for days. Better than at your normal supermarket.

Word of advice is to go in the beginning of the season. The reason I say this is that you may have to walk further away to find the good berries and it can be a long way back for the little ones

6. Raeburn Orchards

This place is wonderful. Depending on the time of year you go, you will see Orchards or even get to pick your own fruit. Pack a picnic, take advantage or some photo opportunities and have a chat to the wonderful staff while you are buying local tasty fruit.

7. The secret garden

This is where fairy's live. Based in Gwellup and overgrown in beautiful green this place is a hidden gem. The locals are not happy with the word getting out about this place but It is so beautiful. Please though if you do go wear wellies and look after this place so it can stay beautiful.

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