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Declan's Auslan Journey

Everything you want to know will be below.

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About Declan and his Journey around Australia

Click the link below to find out more about What Declan and his Journey are all about

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What's in Declan's Bag?

Click below to find out what resources are included with Declan and how you can go about getting your own.

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How do I apply to have Declan?

If you would like to complete an application to have Declan with your family for a week FOR FREE! (only pay shipping to next family) push button below

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Can I donate to Declan's Journey?

If you would like to donate towards families that can not afford shipping or more resources click the button.


About Declan's Journey

Declan was born a Deaf toy puppet but has come alive and is on a mission!

He wants to raise awareness, educate and meet people in his community. He has collected resources on his travels already and wants to share those with families all over Australia. 

He loves to cuddle and going on adventures and records it these in his diary.

He doesn't require funds...Hes a toy. Auslan connections is all he is after. Practice signing and Take selfies with him. 

He goes to a different host family for a week at a time of he starts getting the travel itch. 

He wants to get followers on his facebook page and spread the word about Auslan and the Deaf community.

His owners are Gail Smith - Owner of Auslan Journey and Chloe Stephens Australian author/illustrator with content about Auslan.

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What's in Declan's bag?

Below you can find out exactly what Declan's bag has at the moment.
On occasion we update the bag with the best and latest resources. If you think other items should be included please let us know.
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Send something to Declan

Declan loves to get messages and kids art. If you would like to send something to Declan send it to PO BOX 684, Coolum beach 4573

(By sending Declan art you acknowledge that he may love it so much and want to share on his page.)

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Apply to have Declan

If you would like Declan for a week fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if you are successful.


Thank you for your application. Declan will have a look and we will get back to you as soon as we ca

Donate to Declan

The funds donated go to paying for shipping for families that can not pay. It also goes to updating resources.

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