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Chloe Stephens is local to Western Australia. She is a mother, a creative queen and an energy ball.


Her first book 'Where Does Sloth Belong?' Originated from a story she would tell her daughter at bedtime. Both of them love sloths a lot. This story helped her daughter be resilient while she was still finding her place in the world.


During this time Chloe studied Australian Sign Language. Realising there were not many Auslan books which included a story and signs (normally just a sign per page) Chloe's goal was to fill this gap in the market. This is when she created 'My Talking Hands' to educate and encourage Auslan and understanding of the Deaf community.


Chloe's goal is to advocate for positive mental developmental growth not just for children but their families too. She wants to shine light on one of Australia's native languages, Auslan, all while having fun along the way.

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Chloe attends lots of different events such as school/library visits to markets and conventions. Click here to find out more

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Find a range of printable sheets and activities for the kids. Keep them entertained while they learn and grow into the amazing people they were destined to be.

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As an advocate of Auslan and the Deaf community I aim to raise awareness. On this page you will find Auslan inspired content. Resources and links to help you get the information you need and video's of Auslan learning and out in the world.

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Reach out to Chloe for whatever questions you may have. Chloe always endeavors to get back as soon as possible.

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